The Key to Happiness is Personal Growth

Teresa Ann Foxworthy ~ Executive Coach

Is the year flying by? It’s time for a new school year! What do you want to learn or improve for your preferred life?

There are various studies on what makes us happy & live longer:

  1. Purposeful work about which we are passionate – which requires introspection [American Medical Association 27 Year Study]
  2. Good relationships – Volunteering Recommended [Harvard 80 Year Study 80 Year Study]
  3. Psychological Flexibility – Enjoy Your Life & Be Authentically Altruistic [National Institute of Health]

Tie it all together & the key to Happiness is: Personal Growth. There’s a reason why it remains a popular search term.

What are you goals for the next 9 months? It’s enough time to birth a new you, a new direction, a new leadership style, perhaps. Do you want more meaningful work? More fulfilling relationships? Better emotional agility? Let my Executive Coaching show you how to attain all three!

The first step is to get clear on your current status, then define your goals, and then register.

If you need help with goal development, we can work on that together, too.

Begin with a complimentary half-hour to get acquainted.

98% of clients who follow my coaching exceed their desired results!

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