Executive Coach in NYC available by Phone

AXIS COMMAND GROUP provides quality business development solutions and executive coaching for today’s busy executives. We offer coaching & consulting packages for a variety of topics: business development, marketing strategies, leadership development, team building, emotional intelligence, executive coaching, life coaching, workplace wellness, work-life balance, conflict resolution, and keynote speaking.

With over 20 years in both hi-tech start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and everything in-between, we help you cultivate a power management model, which acts as a vehicle going straight to your objectives.  With our technical & management consulting services, we will launch you to the next level of competency in your industry.

Select as many of the following as your team requires, for business, executive or organizational development:

For organizational or business development:

Social Media Strategies

Conflict Resolution

Organizational Development

Inspirational Speaker

Team Building & Meeting Facilitation


For executive development:

Emotional Leadership

Leadership & Business Coaching

Wellness Programs

Image Consulting

Time & Goal Management

Public Speaking Lessons


For more info:


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