Corporate Conflict Resolution ~ Expert Facilitator

Teresa ~ Expert Facilitator ~ Corporate Conflict Resolution

Are you having issues with someone? Are your team members having problems with one another or someone close to them, and its affecting your business? Consider our services for conflict resolution. We offer coaching & consulting for both in-house and off-site resolution programs, educational trainings, and rejuvenating retreats to help mitigate the associated tension with such conflicts, be they business or personal.

The first step is to have the conflicting parties agree to resolution efforts.

Next, steps are taken to effectively identify the real issue. Too often the real issue(s) are buried far below the surface, which is why this process can take some time to unravel and re-group for optimum functioning.

When the solutions are in place, the team is happy, the customers or clients or patients or guests are happy, and the world is bright again. It’s relatively easy once there is agreement that resolution is a priority. From there, conflicts are broken down, piece by piece, so that all parties directly involved with resolution proceedings are readily able to digest their importance and plausible outcomes.

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