1. Why do I need a Coach or Consultant?

Olympic athletes would not dare to participate in high-level games without a coach. It’s the same in the business world. A coach is someone who is not a friend, not a client, not a boss, but an advisor, an ally, a mentor. Investing in a coach or consultant with decades of experience, will help you reach your goals by keeping you accountable, AND helping you through your blind spots.


2. What are your most popular programs?

Ambient Interiors 

Executive Life Coaching

Marketing Consultations

Leadership Program

Vision Quest for Women


3. How much do you charge?

Teresa offers various programs:

Discount with Monthly Retainer

Individual Sessions = 1-4hrs/month

$250/hr Senior Executives (Annual Salary: $150+)

$150/hr Junior Executives (Annual Salary: $50k-$149k)

$125/hr Senior Citizens, Students, Military, Low Income (Annual Income: <$50k)

Each session is 2-hr minimum, 4-hr maximum; paid in advance.


Monthly Programs = 5+hrs/month

$175/hr Senior Executives

$125/hr Junior Executives

$100/hr Senior Citizens, Students, Military, Low Income

Monthly fees due by 5th of each month to avoid $25 late payment.

24hr cancellation policy means you forfeit sessions when you do not postpone appointment more than 24 hours in adavnce.


4. Which payment portals do you use?

Bank Transfer
Cash App
Cashier’s Check
Credit Card
Money Order
Square App
Venmo App


5. How does one begin?

Complete this brief request form for more information.


6. What sort of industries have you worked with?

Wow, so many:
Fortune 100-500 ~ Computers, Consumer Goods, Entertainment, Finance, Hospitality, Luxury Goods & Services, Medical, Real Estate, Self-Help, Software Publishers, Telecom


7. Where are you located?

My itinerary usually includes San Francisco, San Diego, and most big cities in-between. I often go to the East Coast, as well as occasionally to Hawaii, Canada & Western Europe. There are plans to go to South America & Thailand. If you would like to sponsor a training with me at your locations, just COMPLETE THIS FORM.